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I am happy you have found yourself here; whether it be out of curiosity or serious interest in what my counseling & coaching practice offers. 

So take a seat, stay a while, you have the whole rest of your life ahead of you, let’s talk for a moment. 

Right here, right now we have been given the amazing opportunity of choice! We have choice! We are living in an era of abundance! Experiencing an age of enlightenment if you will; an era of our own creation AND definition. 

People are waking up! People are asking “why,” people are questioning themselves, “who am I?” “what do I want, from life and from myself?” 

We live in a time where we can choose a career that we will enjoy! We live in a time where we can choose to travel, settle down in one place, have a family, or not! We have the freedom to believe whatever we want to believe! We live with immense diversity and culture all around us, we come together as a collective and celebrate and advocate for those who have faced hardships. We get to choose our own identity! We get to choose to not let our past define who we are! We can choose enlightenment, we can choose self-actualization! We can choose freedom! 

You get to choose yourself. 

So why am I saying all of this? Because I want you to get excited! I want you to be motivated! For what? To live! To live without restraint! To live with empowerment! To live with love and curiosity! To live with the full range of emotions, from joy to sadness! All of it! To participate in life! To experience it! To be you! 

So let me tell you a little bit about my counselling & coaching practice:

“The quest for meaning is the noblest and most important journey of your life.”

The backbone of my practice is Existential – Humanistic therapy, because the therapy focuses on, meaning, purpose, freedom, growth, acceptance. It also acknowledges and dives into depression, anxiety, meaninglessness, isolation and death. In short, I assist people with the challenges of living: finding meaning, direction, and purpose in their lives. Connecting with life and others better, becoming stronger in the face of one’s challenges, and shaping and changing oneself to live more fully. 

I go more in-depth on my services page, as well as on my blog. 

I also draw from trans-personal psychology, person-centred therapy, psycho-dynamic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and solution-based therapy. Now, this all sounds like a lot of jargon, and it is; and of course all therapies and techniques I use are always discussed in session. I cater to the client and what they need and want with where they are presently at in their lives. I value education and encourage learning and understanding; I believe that learning and understanding why we do the things we do offers relief to people and is a crucial step in accepting and changing our circumstances, whatever they may be. 

I believe one of the most important pieces of my practice is that I come from a place of personal understanding and empathy. I have experienced first hand what rock bottom is, what an identity crisis feels like, and what recovery from depression, anxiety and low self-esteem looks like, and especially, I know what fear, pain and suffering feels like. I chose a different path than the one I was on and began a new journey, a journey I am still on, a journey of growth, self-awareness, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance. I didn’t do it on my own either. 

For more information about me and my journey, check out the about me page and follow me on Instagram!

“This is where you come to experience what it is to be a Phoenix.”

About me



My practice is guided by the following principles:

• All people possess intrinsic worth and have the capacity to realize this. 

• All individuals are worthy of respect. My therapy space is one of acceptance and safety. Gender, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, relationships and family status pose no barrier to the therapy process. 

• Everyone has the ability to change; readiness depends on each individual. 

• Clients take responsibility for their gains in counselling and for their personal successes; the counselor’s role is that of a guide. 

• Understanding comes first. If we jump prematurely to tools and strategies, clients are left with generic, depersonalized interventions.

• Most people benefit from counselling at some point in their lives. This includes coaching too! At its best, counselling or coaching is a healthy dialogue that identifies, promotes, and mobilizes clients’ strengths to reach personal goals. 

• I follow the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the Canadian Professional Counselling Association

Some of the skills and strategies for the challenges you are dealing with: 

• Grounded approaches for handling the ‘curve balls’ of life

• Fresh perspectives that make a difference – and bring relief

• In-depth psychotherapy for leveraging out of depression, anxiety, and destructive emotional and behavioural patterns

• Help with metabolizing loss and exploring grief

• Coaching for dealing with anger, interpersonal difficulties, and family conflict

• Working with self-compassion, self-esteem, and positive psychology

• Thinking big: creating a vision for your life

• Support for your transition from surviving… to thriving!

• Guidance for making and sustaining positive transformation – within yourself, and with the people you love most 








I just threw a lot of information at you, and I hope you’re still excited, maybe still motivated, maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, like this is too much or this isn’t for you That’s OK. I am here when you’re ready, and if you’re looking for something a little different, I have a ton of resources and services I can refer you too, or you can check out the “resources” page. I also have a large network of other counselling and coaching professionals; I can point you in the direction you are seeking. 

In the meantime, you can dive deeper into the rabbit hole by exploring the rest of my website: You can find more information under “My Services”.

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**Please note that I am not licensed to practice therapy in the USA. I am therefore only able to offer online counselling to Canadian clients.