Mental Health Links

Here are some resources available to individuals in the Lower Mainland. The following are not meant to be a comprehensive list, nor is it an endorsement of the content of the sites.

Crisis Services

BC Crisis Centre

Operates two 24/7 crisis phone services and an online youth live chat website with trained volunteers providing support and referrals. The community education team also facilitates suicide prevention and stress management workshops.

  • Greater Vancouver Crisis line: 604-872-3311
  • Toll Free: 1-866-661-3311
  • Senior’s Distress: 604-872-1234
  • Suicide Crisis Line: 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

Addiction & Recovery

The Centre of Addiction & Mental Health

Learn the signs, symptoms, definitions and other important facts about mental illness conditions, disorders, substances, medications and therapies.

Three Bridges Community Health Centre

Provides a range of health care and support services for adults ages 19 and up with addiction issues. Services include assessment, treatment, counselling, education, and referral to community resources. Supports clients who are enrolled in a methadone maintenance program, and provides access to treatment programs. Provides clinical assessment, counselling, specialized treatment planning, aftercare, and follow-up. Also provides counselling to individuals who are concerned about someone else’s substance use. In addition, provides access to other specialty substance use services. Also provides safe disposal of needles and other injection supplies, and safer injection, smoking, and sex supplies. Open referral. Serves Vancouver. Free interpretation is available for various languages. Office hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

  • Phone: (604) 331-8900

Share Family and Community Services Society

Offers free or low cost addictions counselling for adults and youth in the Tri-City areas.

  • Phone: 604-936-3900

Alouette Addictions Services 

Services Offered

  • Counselling for any person or family member affected by alcohol and/or drug misuse.
  • Education programs and group experiences geared toward the special needs of our client population.
  • Assessment and referral to other resources as appropriate i.e. detox centres and residential treatment programs.
  • Outreach and education to groups who may be at risk of developing a substance misuse problem.
  • Specialized programs for high risk youth and their families.
  • Parents Group.
  • Outreach Team with outreach workers and tenant support workers.
  • Funding support for individuals who are at risk of losing their housing and/or are currently without housing.
  • Information and training for professionals in the community on a variety of substance misuse topics.
  • Prevention programming and promotion of the healthy community concept.
  • Fun In Recovery for individuals in Sober Living, learning to enjoy life without substances.
  • Consultation with Mental Health Therapists.
  • Opioid Replacement Therapy Clinic with two doctors accepting patients for methadone and/or suboxone.

Phone: (604) 467-5179

Together We Can – Addiction Recovery & Education Society (TWC)

A men’s treatment center that offers residential and outpatient addiction treatment, transitional housing, continuing care, alumni initiatives, and a support program for families;  the combination of these cornerstones forms our integrated approach to recovery.

  • Phone: (604) 451-9854

Creekside Withdrawal Management Centre 

Offers withdrawal management services to support individuals withdrawing from alcohol and or drugs. Programs include an outpatient daytox program, and a 24-hour medically supervised inpatient support program. Services for both programs include counselling, assessment, substance use information, harm reduction, and referrals to other services.

  • Phone: (604) 587-3755

Vancouver Detox/Daytox

Provides free, six-week medical withdrawal management for 24 stable adults ages 19 and up living in Vancouver; offers both inpatient (Detox) and outpatient (Daytox) programs. Services include assessment, individual and group counselling, psychoeducational groups, acupuncture and other alternative therapies, and medical management for clients on supervised prescription withdrawal protocols. Accepts clients on methadone maintenance who are withdrawing from other drugs. Staffed by a culturally diverse, multidisciplinary team that uses medical and non-medical approaches to relieving withdrawal symptoms. Call for intake and orientation; intake is through Access Central-Detox Referral Line (hours are 9 am to 7:45 pm daily).

  • Phone: 1-866-658-1221

Pacifica Treatment Center 

Intensive Residential Treatment provides individuals with alcohol and/or drug dependencies the opportunity to understand their pattern of use, accept the consequences and make personal changes that promote an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle. Pacifica uses a comprehensive, client-responsive approach that works with an individual’s sense of self in terms of thoughts, feelings, physical health, family and community.

  • Phone: (604) 872-5517

Last Door Recovery Center 

Men’s recovery house in New Westminster, offers programs for both youth and adults, they also offer a Residential Withdrawal Management and Stabilization Program.

  • Phone: 1-855-910-5942

Westminster House

Women’s Recovery house in New Westminster, 12 step program

  • Phone: 1-866-524-5633

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Tri-City Transitions

Tri-City Transitions provides emergency shelter and social support for women and children fleeing family violence and abuse in the Tri-City communities.  They provide emergency shelters, 2nd stage housing, family court support, victims of crime support, counselling and groups for adults who have experienced abuse, children and youth who have witnessed abuse (CWWA), and parenting services.

  • Phone: 604-941-7111

BC Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse

The British Columbia Society for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse (BCSMSSA) is a non-profit society established to provide therapeutic services for males who have been sexually abused at some time in their lives. They provide support services, such as therapy, provide educational materials, and are an advocate within the community collaborating with many other agencies.

  • Phone: 604-682-6482

Surrey Women’s Center 

A crisis center for women and girls escaping domestic violence, sexual assault and other forms of gender-based violence. Help us protect and empower women and girls. We are the only women’s Center in Surrey, BC. We are often the first and sometimes the only place they call for help. It is because of you that women and girls have a safe place to turn. 24 hours per day. 7 days per week. 365 days per year.

  • Phone: (604) 589-1868

Battered women’s support services 

Battered Women’s Support Services provides education, advocacy, and support services to assist all women in its aim to work towards the elimination of violence and to work from a feminist perspective that promotes equality for all women.

  • Phone:(604) 687-0770

Mental Health Services

Vancouver Coastal Health

Contact information for accessing mental health & substance use services

Fraser Health Authority 

Provides support to adult (19+) residents experiencing mental illness, and substance issues. Contact the Mental Health Centre in your area.

BC Children’s Hospital

Provides psychiatric assessment, short-term individual, family and group treatment, and medication review.

Here to Help

Online resources and educational information

Langley Services Society

Offers resources, counselling, and support groups

  • Phone: (604) 534-7921




  • provides up-to-date information about prescription and over-the-counter medications, including details about associated side effects.
  • is a comprehensive database with information and news alerts about potentially dangerous drugs currently on the market or previously available worldwide.