About Me

Hello, Hello,

Welcome to Between2Mirrors Counseling & Coaching Services, I would like to take a moment to share a bit about who I am and why I choose this path of assisting people on their own journeys in this life:  

There was a point very early on in my 20’s where what I would like to call “Pandora’s box” decided to burst wide open, spilling out a lot of unresolved trauma. Not knowing how to deal with this, nor who to turn to, I decided, unconsciously, that I was just going to avoid it all together. 

During this avoidance period of my life something inside of me knew that the path I was currently on was not OK. Shortly after turning to drug use I became aware that I couldn’t keep going on like this. I suppose I am fortunate; realizing this still so early in my life. However, that was not the end. In hindsight, just because I knew I had a problem, didn’t mean I was willing to give it up. Rock bottom after rock bottom, in and out of active drug use; and if it wasn’t drugs, it was a toxic romantic relationship. I tried different ways of getting better, and still finding myself with a lack of, with a void, with too many unanswered questions. And honestly, still an unwillingness to change. Fear is incredibly strong, it will keep people in the same place, and it will kill them, not directly; it lingers, in every corner and crevasse of our mind, body and soul. Coupled with the ego, self-sabotage was a familiar habit and rock bottom seemed to be where I resided more often than not. 

Then I found a purpose, my purpose. To help people, to sit with someone. In a time when a loved one was nearly taken by suicide, in the midst of my own destruction, I jumped into action and without hesitation I showed up in this persons life with unconditional love and understanding, in a way I had no idea I had the capacity for. What I know is that I never felt more like me in my life than I did in that moment. 

I found something stronger. 

Then I found community and belonging, in the people I became so close to in my college program. I was seen and heard and validated and received empathy and understanding and acceptance for exactly who I was in that moment, whether I was angry or crying, I was met with unconditional positive regard in my most vulnerable moments. I was met with love. And with that love came growth

I was given the opportunity to learn about who I was, and then i took my power back, the power of freedom, the power of choice! 

Then I found spirituality, something that resonated with me personally 

I found self acceptance 

I found my voice

I found peace in my past 

I found meaning

I found a reason to participate in life!

I discovered a love of philosophy and psychology  

I decided to incorporate existential and humanistic concepts into my life and my counseling practice:

Freedom, responsibility, growth, acceptance, meaning, purpose, anxiety, death, isolation, authenticity  

I specialize in meaning-centered and existential counselling. 

I am currently focusing on a social media platform for my practice however I am open to taking on new clients, and I am always open to assisting with directing people to resources that may be more helpful at this time. 



Registered Professional Counselor (RPC) with the Canadian Professional Counselor Association: membership number #3934


I work in homeless shelters across the lower mainland, 

I work in supportive housing with people who are faced with mental illness and addiction,

I am constantly learning and furthering my education, 

I continue to work on personal development, 

And I enjoy experiencing new things and going on adventures; experiencing moments; experiencing the present.


  • Existential Analysis certified
  • Motivational Interviewing Certified
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention trained
  • Non-violent Communication trained
  • Cognitive Behavior therapy trained
  • Dialectical Behavior therapy trained
  • Psycho-dynamic therapy trained
  • Life Skills coach certified
  • Workshop producer and facilitator

Maintaining your best interests

I keep informed of current thinking, research and agendas for change in the field of mental health and well-being and how these may offer new opportunities for access to therapeutic support.

I attend ongoing training for my own continuous professional development to keep me in top form; maximizing my potential so that I can effectively invest in your well-being and growth.

I attend regular clinical supervision in accordance with the guidelines set within the CPCA Ethical Framework. Supervision is a reflective practice to ensure that I am offering you an effective, focused, safe and ethical service.

Therefore, consistently improving the service I offer you.

I hold the relevant Professional Indemnity Insurance as a counselor which includes malpractice, professional, public and products liability.

Although I have experience in various areas, my current focus is working with individuals struggling with the following:

  • Anxiety,
  • Depression,
  • Self Esteem,
  • Addiction,
  • Personal Growth,
  • Stress Management, and
  • Identity Issues


I do not work with people who are dealing with severe drug and alcohol addictions, violence or criminal issues or severe mental illness.

I do not diagnose mental health conditions.

I do not work with minors.

I do not prescribe or consult on medication.

Some insurance companies cover counselors with a BA and/or the RPC designation. Some don’t.

However, I am more than happy to provide resources and recommendations on where one can seek the appropriate services needed in the lower mainland.